Photo manipulation competition entries

Huge thanks to everyone who has emailed in an entry. Below you can see the original image I put up for download. Below this are the competition entries. To vote please leave a comment with your favourite photo manipulation. Voting will close Friday 19th of August.

Big thanks everyone who entered our photo manipulation competition it was in the end a close run thing with Chantelle Barnard-Ranch coming in second with 30 votes and Damian Hughes winning with his Medieval castle entry with 31 votes.

Chantelle Barnard-Rance

Original Photograph

1. Jadah Williams

2. Naomi Kent

3. Leigh Hoyte

4. Michael Leeson

5. Joy Fortuna

6. Damian Hughes


7. Chantelle Barnard-Rance

8. Phil South

9. Emma Carr

10. James Gregory


  1. Only one winner for me…Damian Hughes

  2. Very impressed with #6 by Damian Hughes. Excellent presentation with both video and photo attached. Looks very well.

  3. It’s gotta be Damien Hughes!

  4. They’re all great, but I think my favourite is #8 by Phil South

  5. +1 for Damian Hughes.

  6. It just has to be Damian Hughes.

    That’s an awesome edit….

  7. Damian Hughes, although not sure how mine didn’t make it into the top 10 😉

  8. Chantelle Barnard-Rance’s is definately my favorite, such an imaginative photo!

  9. Chantelle Barnard-Rance is my favourite!

  10. No.7 i love the double exposure effect

  11. Kristina Murphy

    Love 4 Michael Leeson but my vote goes to 6 Damian Hughes.

  12. Damien Hughes

    A talented man!

  13. Damien Hughes is the best!

  14. Jordan Assender

    Damian’ s has great depth! the movie really brings the idea to life! good work

  15. Damien Hughes gets my vote! Great atmosphere achieved from such a basic original

  16. Damian Hughes all the way

  17. Damian Hughes gets my vote!!

  18. Got to be Damian

  19. Nice work Damian Hughes!

  20. Damian Hughes! best by a mile.

  21. I’m not sure who this Damian Hughes is… but he’s a genius! He gets my vote!

  22. #6 Damien Hughes

  23. Chantelle Barnard-Rance gets my vote!! Love it!!

  24. Chantelle Barnard Rance has my vote!

  25. Chantelle gets my vote, its original. its the most atmospheric and artistic one.

  26. Chantelle Barnard-Rance should win.

  27. I’d say it’ll have to be Chantelle.

  28. No.7 Chantelle, cos although i liked damiens and michaels they dont have any ‘soul’. hers is vibrant and you can feel it

  29. No.6 wins it for me.

  30. chantelle no.7 all the way

  31. Chantelle Barnard Rance has my vote ~ great composition and warmth. Love it!

  32. )7 . Chantelle’s is the best by far!

  33. chantelle should win, I like hers the most

  34. Chantelle Barnard-Rance’s is my favourite out of them all 🙂

  35. i really like chantelle Barnard rance’s i love the colours. chantelle to win!

  36. Option 8 by Phil South is top of my favourites list, just above Damian Hughes (6) although it’s very close in my opinion.

  37. Nice, Love the Knights in #6!

  38. number 7 by chantelle barnard rance is fantastic!

  39. I think chantelle at number 7 is the winner for me, love the colours

  40. BOING BOING It’s Damian Hughes..DEFINITELY!!

  41. I really want to vote for my own! But I have to admit that Damian Hughes deserves to win on creativity alone.

    Shame on you professional competitionists! Onling voting circles are just unfair!

  42. Antonia Hayward

    Absolutely brilliant it has to be Damian Hughes

  43. Chantelle Barnard-Rance’s is definately my favorite, such an imaginative photo & very pretty colours

  44. Chantelle Barnard-Rances is completely a winner for me.

  45. Number 6 The Castle manipulation is pretty epic!

  46. Number 7 gets my vote

  47. i really like number 7

  48. I think chantelle barnard rance has done the best one, the others are too simple or too much

  49. phil souths one is good and imaginative so he’s got my vote

  50. They’re all great but i think i like chantelles the most (:

  51. Hard to choose between Damien and Chantelle but I prefer Chantelles

  52. I like Damien and Phil’s entries the most, vote goes to Damien

  53. Chantelles in simple but artistic, so shes my choice…

  54. Hi i think #7 should win, its imaginative

  55. I like number nine, james gregory. its the most different out of the entries

  56. number 7 is easily the better one, the others are boring or overdone.

  57. Chantelle barnard-rance is the best one!

  58. Chantelle Barnard-Rance!

  59. Number 7, definately!

  60. Really like Emma Carr’s entry very funny

  61. +1 for Damien & Phil South but suppose 6 because Damien made the video.

  62. +1 vote for Damian Hughes

  63. Caroline McLoude

    I vote for number 6 please!

  64. Great entries folks, a real toss up between Micheal Leeson and Damien Hughes!

    But #6 Damien gets my vote!

  65. The cleverest is clearly Emma Carr’s alien one – #9

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