The rare beauty found within Google street view

It is not often when browsing through Google street view that you come across anything of real beauty but Aaron Hobson has found some rather rare examples of what the Google car cam has caught while traveling around the world.

Update: You can now see even more photos from the Google car cam here: The rare beauty found within google street view 2


  1. Nice pics, have you seen this:

  2. It’s hard to believe those photos cam from a google car cam… Looks like the actually hired real photographers to drive those areas!

  3. Beautiful! Nice collection

  4. I was brought up near Inverallochy, strange seeing it on Stumble upon!

  5. I can’t believe they are/were all visible in google street view, these photographs are so beautiful compared to the normal quality of google street view. Very nice!

  6. What a load of horse shit. Tell me when Google street view started using a tilt-shift lens. You may be able to convince some people, but not the tech crowd…and certainly not a professional photographer.

    • I think you’re wrong. Go on google street view and compare.

    • Mikey,

      Why so angry? Did you forget your meds again?

    • Impressive Perfection

      yes ok you are a professional photographer we got it, super info ; now go make something amazing instead of complaining about things

    • They were originally from google street view, clearly they are screenshots that have been edited using tilt-shift effects. I’ve done the same thing

    • Clearly heavily edited, but I don’t doubt they were taken from google steetview. With photoshop these days it’s not hard to fake tilt shift without using a tilt shift lens or a large format camera (and it’s usually pretty clear that it’s a fake if you have a professional eye). And well the colours are even easier to edit.

      No need to get so angry, the shots look good.

    • Agreed. And though, they might have been edited in photoshop etc. But strange photos agreed.

  7. Why can’t we click on these and see the map of where they are???

  8. My thoughts exactly. Especially evident in the ones with people.

  9. would love to have had place names.

  10. These have obviously been retouched or are completely fake.

  11. This is a telling example of the hidden agendas of Google the monstrosity.

    Have none of the previous commenters read about what these pictures are being used for? Does anyone here know that along with this perfect mapping of every city in the U.S. our government plans to have 20 to 30,000 spy drones in our skies by the year 2020. Don’t take my word for this…Google it…check reputable resources…then run for cover.

    Add to this the passing of the bill that ANYONE in the U.S….REGARDLESS of nationality can be held indefinitely without legal counsel. All that is necessary is for the individual to be “labeled” a terrorist….that’s it… other crime needs to be included. Ostriches…..ostriches everywhere……Sieg heil!

  12. Beautiful pictures but still no airports…

  13. So your name is Harrison Ford?

  14. Your name is like Harrison Ford. Therefore anything you post is awesome.

  15. Can you label the location of these photos?

  16. Great pics 🙂 And you are really handsome..just saying 🙂

  17. naked lady in pic 9

  18. MapCrunch is a wonderful way to see the world. Sometimes I just like going on there and clicking through snapshots of different areas; just lovely!

  19. Some real nice (hehe) images also here:

  20. These are pretty impressive. I didn’t know the Street View cars took photo’s of the countryside.

  21. It must be a real pleasure to work as a Google Street View car driver, because you can see a lot of beautiful places while receiving money for that.

  22. I do this all the time. It’s like the most exciting thing I’ve ever found on the internet. This is my favorite stumble I’ve ever stumbled upon by far.

  23. For us that can’t hover over pictures since we are on tablets could anyone please write the location of these places. Thank you!

  24. wow it’s wonderfull !

  25. These are great! I cannot believe I have not seen this. I am a big fan of Google StreetView. This makes it even better. It is the best way to feel like you are somewhere else. Cheers!

  26. I like these photos so much… they are so natural and alive, they revive nostalgia especially the forest photo, it reminds me of my childhood…check this out

  27. Wow, great find, simply amazing glimpses in an otherwise expected pedestrian view.

  28. Beautiful collection, glad I Stumbled on this one today :).

  29. Are you telling me google is taking views of dirt trails in forests now?

  30. This is absolutely genius! I would of never of thought you could get such great views, I love it!

  31. so the fifth picture contains rare beauty? there are many beautiful landscapes like that in the country i live in but you dont go there to enjoy the aesthetics, but to have yourself beat up

  32. Lovely photos. Thanks a lot.

  33. Wow! Most of Google Street View shots are dull, blurry and pretty poor. Must have taken hours or days of browsing to come up with these fine examples.

  34. These are great examples of how beautiful the world is, although I’m quite surprised that it is so great quality.

  35. Very nice, but google car caught weird things too, try to post that as well

  36. Wow, great pics. Thanks for street view to make world more open.

  37. haha yea right …why didnt he put in the addresses or coordinates so others could verify his work??

  38. Loving this… We live in a beautiful place! 🙂

  39. Nice photos taken you have there! Keep it up.

  40. coordinates for the location of these should be added next to the picture

  41. mind opening pictures.

  42. Beautiful,I love these! I am going to post a link on facebook! Its a have to share!

  43. Now THIS is a find and kudos for sharing it!
    I had no idea you could get anything like these photos – Go, go Google Street View!

  44. Stunning images from all over the places. They’re somewhat panoramic to me.

  45. wow, nice posted

  46. I saw a Google car cam right in front of my car doing it’s thing when driving through South Dakota on the way back from Yellowstone. It was a very cool thing to see!

  47. Beautiful pictures.

    like Stumble!

  48. the second one is the bond house in the skyfall movie, i bet so!! the one in scotland

  49. These are some incredible views. I love how diverse this collection is.

  50. These pictures look like captured from games by the way very nice Collection, Keep Sharing More Pictures

  51. Interesting Picture and I love your Collections Thanks for upload it i hope you will upload always

  52. so nice………..

  53. Interesting Wow Beautiful pictures.

  54. Cool collection of images! I’m surprised the google car made it to some of these places

  55. Interesting Wow Beautiful pictures. Cool collection of images! I’m surprised the google car made it to some of these places

  56. Where is the banner photo from?

  57. Can’t believe these pic taken by google street view. Thank for sharing.

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