As I get older I feel like I’m becoming less adventurous or I do less things to risk getting myself hurt. When I was 19 I swam with Tiger sharks, rode on the back of motor bikes got tattoos, surfed waves far to big for my ability and in places I shouldn’t have. I did all manor of things, just for the thrill. Well I miss this.

One thing I have found myself doing is watching lots of urban exploration videos, of people exploring parts of their cities they aren’t allowed to go or are seen as too dangerous. Groups of these people exist all around the world, I admire these people and their adventurous spirit to search out these hidden places.

Below I have listed a few videos well worth watching. They include groups of people exploring the Paris catacombs and searching disused underground stations in New York.



Vertical – The Shard London


Exploring the Paris Catacombs